Merging faith with Jesus by Pastor Ron

Headed for the Junk Yard?

Let’s face it. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes we make a total wreck out of things. Sometimes we wreck things so bad that we wonder if there’s any way to salvage that friendship or marriage or whether we should consider it a lost cause and just dump it in the junk yard and move on. I should know. I’ve made a total wreck out of things a time or two or three or four…

Wrecking things that bad can make you feel like an utter failure. The sad thing is too often other people can give up on you as well: friends and family included. When that happens you can feel like nothing more than piece of scap metal.

Yet, there’s one thing that I’ve learned from a life that has been totaled a time or two and that is this: your life doesn’t have to end up in the junk yard! No matter how bad you’ve wrecked things, no matter how dented up you might feel, you are still a person of great value!

When everyone else is ready to load you up on a wrecker and haul you off to the junk yard, know for certain that there is one person in the world who looks at you and doesn’t look at your dents as a thing to be ashamed of. That one person is Jesus.

You see, Jesus loves you…dents and all. And when he looks at you, and even the ways that you might have totaled parts of your life, he doesn’t see something that needs to be hauled away. Instead, Jesus wants to love on you, buff your scratches and make you as good as new. Why? Because he sees what others don’t and what you or I might overlook. You’re a person of great value…ultimate value. You are loved by God.

The Apostle Paul states it this way, “When you were dead in your sins (feeling like you’d wrecked things beyond repair) God made you alive with Christ. He forgave all our sins…nailing it to the cross” (Colossians 2:13-15). Jesus took your dents, your failures, your total breakdowns, upon himself when he went to the cross so that you might have a second chance to live the life you were always meant to live. That’s called forgiveness…and amazing grace.

Daughtry’s hit music video “It’s Not Over” is a testimony to the second chances that we all can have in life to start over once our dents have been wiped away by the love of Jesus Christ. Nothing needs to be wrecked beyond repair when we let Jesus take hold of us. Headed to the junk yard? Let Jesus put his hand on you. You’ll be amazed at what might happen. That’s what it means to live faith outside of the box!

Watch the YouTube music video It’s Not Over by Daughtry



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