Merging faith with Jesus by Pastor Ron


The fugitive on the run: it’s the mainstay of almost every cop show on TV. In the end, the criminal is either shot down or is captured and led away in handcuffs.

Eight years ago I witnessed this scenerio unfold in real life. A friend of mine with marital troubles got caught up in drug abuse, which escalated into a series of breaking and enterings in the greater Lima area. He was a fugitive on the run. Everything was breaking apart and life seemed like it was running out of options. That’s when the old saying, “You can run, but you can’t hide” came true. He stopped by my office to confess his crimes when the police tracked him down, arrested him, and led him away in handcuffs. Now he sits in prison, reclaiming his life, thanking God that he stopped running and surrendered when he did. Life could have gotten a lot worse if he hadn’t.

There’s a book in the Bible about a fugitive on the run. It’s the book of Jonah. (You know, the whole Jonah and the whale story made popular by the Veggie Tales movie a couple of years ago.) The story of Jonah isn’t a story about a guy running from the cops, but a story about a guy running from God and his destiny in life. God wanted Jonah to share His word of forgiveness and second chances with the city of Nineveh, the enemy of Israel. (It’s the same message He offers all of us!) What did Jonah do? He ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

Running away is a common method that people use to deal with problems. People run from marriage, from commitment, from confronting problems. Yet, where does running get you other than a life spent always looking over your shoulder. Jonah found that out, so did my friend from Lima.

There is another way out. It’s called surrender. Sure, most of us don’t like to lose control. We think of surrendering as being like placed in handcuffs…loss of freedom and self reliance. Yet sometimes, surrendering is the only way to get life back on track.

Here’s the gospel truth. God doesn’t want you or me to live life on the run. He wants us to surrender ourselves to Him only so that we can be set free to live the life we were meant to live. That’s what the famous saying, “Let go, and let God” is all about.

I have found that when I have surrendered my life: my finances, my job, my marriage, my ambitions, my dreams, my future to God, that’s when He has worked through me the most. I have been blessed and I’ve blessed others in the process. It’s all about living faith outside of the box.

Carrie Underwood’s hit song, “Jesus Take the Wheel” is a great example of what true surrender is all about. Watch the YouTube video and find out for yourself.



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