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Standing in the Rain

Have you ever noticed what people do when it rains? At the first sign of raindrops people begin to panic. Ladies will grab an umbrella to protect themselves from the upcoming torrent. Parents will scoop up their children in a frenzy and run with them from their car to the store as fast as they can so they might escape the deluge. People immediately grumble about the weather and wish the sun would soon reappear. Why is that? Why does a little rain cause such chaos for so many people?

I remember as a kid how I used to love standing out in the rain, splashing in the puddles. I’d soak up every raindrop as it beat down on my face. Feeling the rain fall down on me was an incredible experience. (Granted, my parents didn’t think so. They always becken me indoors as soon as possible.) Yet, as a kid I never feared standing out in the rain like so many adults [and even kids] do today.

You see, I understood that rain was a blessing that was so vital for life. Ever notice when we don’t get rain for awhile how people grumble that we don’t have it. Rain is necessary to make the crops grow. It waters the flowers. Without rain, the crops dry up, flowers wither, cracks form in the ground as if pleading for a shower from the heavens to quench the thirst of the earth. Yes, the world needs rain. Without it life would dry up and we’d become a desert. Perhaps we already have.

Could it be that the reason we dislike the rain is because we’ve dried up on the inside…we’ve lost our childlike innocence and become like walking deserts void of life, real life. I know a lot of relationships that have dried up. Love has run dry. Cracks form, like those in the parched ground, and people thirst for something that they can pour into their lives that will renew them, fill them, make them feel alive again.

The fact is rain falls freely where it wills. You either receive it or you don’t. It’s kind of like love, forgiveness and God’s grace. You can run from these things and stay dry or stand in the rain and soak up the blessings that come from gifts unexpected and undeserved. Rock singer Michael W. Smith portrays that truth powerfully in the music video for his hit song, Healing Rain. (Check it out!)

So many people walk around all dried up. They grumble that can’t find that love, peace, God, spirituality, [you fill in the _________] that might quench the thirst they feel in their lives. Yet, the truth is this. You or I won’t ever get filled up with the things that we’re really looking for until we take the chance to step out into the rain.

What are you waiting for? Loose the umbrella. Stop running. Quit complaining. Step out into the rain for once and just stand there and let yourself soak it in for a change. Perhaps if you do, you’ll find that it really is OK. And you just might find the courage to take the next step. Drop the umbrella and quit hiding from the other showers of blessing that God would like to pour down into your life and mine if we but step out in the rain.

Take a moment, and use the music video below to step out into a virtual rain shower. Feel the drops splash on your heart and in your soul…


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