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American Idols to Admire

This past spring my wife, Deanna, and I were shocked at the finale of American Idol. All season long we had expected Adam Lambert, the flamboyant rocker, to steal the title. Each week his vocals and performance just got better and better. He was the judges’ favorite as well. But then, it happened, Lambert got paired up against Kris Allen in the season finale. The votes were cast…and America voted Kris Allen as the winner of American Idol!

I have to admit that I enjoyed Kris’s performances throughout the season of American Idol. Yet he was never as flashy as Adam Lambert. He seemed so humble up there on the stage. There was something about Kris Allen that I couldn’t put my finger on. He seemed different from the rest of the contestants on the show.

Then I heard what Paul Harvey, the late radio broadcaster, would term “the rest of the story.” Kris Allen was a Christian. More than that, we was a worship leader at New Life Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Now here’s the amazing part of the story. The church’s pastor reports that while American Idol was going on, Kris was flying home so that he could lead worship at his church on the weekends. No wonder he acted so humble on stage. He was used to performing not for himself but for the King of Kings!

Kris Allen is a different kind of American Idol. He’s one who put God and leading God’s people in worship over his own fame and musical ambitions. I don’t know if Kris will be able to sell as many records as Adam Lambert or not, but one thing I do know, he’s an American Idol that we can all admire. He’s an American Idol who has shown us what it means to live faith outside of the box.

Take a moment and let Kris lead you in a moment of humble worship with this YouTube video of the song “God In This City.”


Inspiration Outside Your Front Door

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Finding The Solution


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Father, Forgive Them…


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