Dartball Team
At Living Faith Christian Community  we believe that one of the secrets of  developing an authentic
Christian community
is for the people to be in community together.  Acts 2:42,46 shares how the Early Church
"devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship...  Everyday they continued to meet together...  
They broke bread in their homes and ate together..."
 The Early Church was not just a Sunday morning only event.  
Neither are we!  Living Faith Christian Community will strive to find lots of ways for people to get together for fun,
fellowship and support throughout the week both in large and small group settings.  Besides that's the only way you can
build true, lasting friendships and community!  Below are some opportunities to be in community together.
Dartball Team: Our church participates in
the Spencerville Area Church Dartball
League.  Games are Tuesday evenings at
7:00 pm.  The season runs January through
April.  Dartball is a game that combines the
game of darts with the rules of baseball and is
played on a large dart board that resembles a
baseball field.  Dartball is a co-ed sport that
can be played by teenagers and adults of all
Praise Band:  The Praise Band is a
fellowship group combining vocalists with
musicians such as keyboard, drums, guitar,
etc. who come together to give God praise.  
The Praise Band rehearses for the purpose of
leading Sunday morning worship.  Yet, it is
also a great place to make friends, and find
prayer support.  Contact
Pastor Ron if you
would be interested in getting involved.
Athletic & Musical Groups
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One way that we can grow faith together
is through our church's Online Message
 Here you will find a number of
suggested Bible Study and faith related topics
that any member of Living Faith Christian
Community can comment on and give insight.  
Feel free to join the discussion on any of the
Forum topics, or add your own topic into the
mix for the rest of the faith community to grow
together with.
Living Faith Christian Community will also offer times
in which the whole faith community can get together
for fun and fellowship.
 These will include Family Nights,
SCUM Card Party Nights, Village-wide Block Parties and
more.  Check out the Community Calendar for dates and
Community Together
Our purpose: "... to connect... with other Christians"
Faith & Films Series
Living Faith sponsors a community-wide
Faith & Films Series on the second Sunday
of each month @ 7:00 pm.  Movies shown at
the Worship Center are free to the public
and range from biblical dramas, historical
Whole Community Fellowship Events
and contemporary drama, to animated films and comedies.  
All films in the
Faith & Films Series focus on characters who
wrestle with what it means to have a living faith and the impact
of God and faith in  the real world. Refreshments are provided.

This month's Faith & Films Series Feature is:
"Nativity Story" on Sunday, December 14 @ 7:00 pm
Watch the YouTube movie
trailer here...