Welcome from the Pastor
"Missing the save!"
Anybody who watches NHL hockey can tell you that being a goaltender is a tough job.  
The object of the game of hockey is to get the puck in the net to score points and win the
game.  The job of the goaltender is to "make the save" to keep the pucks out of the net.  What
makes goaltending so tough is that pucks can come whizzing at the goalie at 90 miles per hour
from any direction. Plus, members from the other team try to get in the way of the goaltender, to
keep him off guard, so that another player can make the shot.  At times the goalie has to make
save after save in just a few seconds.  Quite often, he succeeds!  Yet, every once in a while, he
gets out of position or blindsided, the puck comes flying through, and he misses the save.  That
lost score could cost the game, even the Stanley Cup.
Missing the save is heart wrenching, but with the stress of the game, it happens.  The goal
of the goalie is to stay focused and regroup after a missed save.
Too often in life, we feel like we're a goaltender in a NHL game.  Pucks come flying at us
from all directions.  You get hit with stress from work, stress at school, stress  in your dating and
marriage, bills that pile up, a family member gets sick, a friend gets in trouble, etc.  Then there
are the other players that try to distract us from the game.  We call them temptations: such as
peer pressure, addictions, and the like.  With all of the stress and pressures in life today, it's no
wonder that we miss the save from time to time.  Some times we mess up royally.
In the real world, too many missed saves spell trouble.  You might get fired from your
job.  Flunk out of school.  Get cut from the team.  Get arrested and face jail time.  Or even find
your friendship or marriage in jeopardy of breaking apart.  Missing the save makes us feel like
Yet, Jesus understands how
you've messed up.
understands your mistakes.  And
guess what?  Instead of pulling you
out of the net or kicking you off the
team, He gives us a second chance
to live life anew.  That's why he came
to die on the cross and rise again.  
Jesus came to forgive your mess ups
and to show you and me  that we're
not losers!  He loves us no matter
what you've done in your life, no
matter how bad you messed up.  And
with him by our side we can face the
flying pucks of life no matter how fast
or hard they come at us.
The purpose of the Church is to help us realize that we don't have to  face the flying
pucks alone.
 Through worship, Bible study, fellowship with other Christians, and living your
faith by loving and helping others, God gives us the inner peace that we need to stay in the
game. Here at Living Faith Christian Community  we'd like to invite you to experience the joy of
a living faith, a real faith, that comes from God.  Come find out how you can
get connected
with a living faith today.
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