Who Are We?
Our purpose is to expose people to God's love, to connect them
with other Christians, to
equip them with God's Word, to
experience a Living Faith, and to honor God with our lives.

Merge: a Living Faith Christian Community is a new church start, launching in
that professes Jesus Christ as our risen Lord and Savior and seeks to be a place
where seekers of faith, new Christians, or disciples of many years can experience a real,
living faith first hand both as individuals and as a community.  We intend to be an
ancient-future Church that strives to merge our living faith with everyday life in the real
world around us.
Living Faith

People who yearn to merge with Jesus are not content with just a Sunday
morning only, stuck in a stained glass box, type of faith.
 We envision Merge to be
a new type of Bible-based, Christian community that interacts with the greater Lima
region and impacts the world around us.  Merge will seek to help people discover the
power of our living God in their everyday lives.  We intend to be a faith community that
colors outside of the lines, breaks the rules,  stereotypes and norms by living faith
outside of the box, touching those who live outside of stained glass windows with God's
radical, healing, life-giving love.  We envision a church that provides plenty of on-ramps
and space to build authentic,  life-giving relationships.  A church that is so in love with the
world around it, that its #1 priority is to live it's faith out in the streets, making a difference
in everything that it touches.  A church that represents the heartbeat of God in the heart
of our community.

Merge will be a solidly Christian community.  We profess Jesus Christ as our living
Lord and Savior and hold to the
global, orthodox, Reformed faith as recorded in the
Bible, affirmed in the creeds of the Early Church and given new insight in the Protestant
Reformation.  At the same time, we will strive to follow Christ in new ways that merge our
Living Faith with life in this contemporary, digital, post-modern age.

Merge will be affiliated with the
Evangelical Association of Reformed & Congregational
Christian Churches
(EA), a progressive, nationwide movement of churches, for wider
Christian fellowship, and networking in mission and ministry.

A Living Faith is one that is lived in Christian Community. You can't have a
growing, living faith without merging into real community. That is why we use the word
"Community" instead of "Church."  Many people think of "church" as only being the place
where you attend worship on Sunday mornings.  Yet, "community" is the place where you
live, work, hang out with friends, greet neighbors, buy groceries, etc. on a daily basis.  
Here at Merge, we will strive for our "church" to not  be confined just to our Worship
Center, but to extend into the neighborhoods in which we live and work.

Thus, we will provide multiple avenues for persons to be in fellowship and ministry with
each other throughout the week: at our coffee house & Worship Center,  in people's
homes, at the bowling alley, on the internet, etc.  Furthermore, with our "church" spread
out across the community, we will provide numerous entry portals for "new friends" to
move into the neighborhood, develop friendships and engage in authentic Christian
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