imagine a NEW TYPE of WORSHIP that
merges you with Jesus.

Worship at Merge will be held in a coffee house type setting.  It will be totally
casual.  Blue jeans, t-shirts, etc. will not only be welcome, but will probably be the
norm.  Come as you are!  Worshippers will  enjoy mingling over a cup of cappuccino,
iced coffee or fruit smoothies and snacking on some fresh baked cookies or
cinnamon rolls while sitting around café style tables.  A live band will  lead rock  
praise music  while song lyrics and video are projected on the big screen.

In addition, down to earth, Bible based messages featuring Power Point and film clips
will illustrate how God can merge a Living Faith in your life and mine.
We will celebrate both infant baptism and believer's baptism by sprinkling or

The Lord's Supper will be celebrated the first weekend of each month and
on other special occasions.  All are welcome at the Lord's Table who seek to merge
their lives with Jesus Christ.

Worship at Merge will be multi-sensory.  Expect to experience worship using all
of your senses, not just what you see and hear.  It will not be uncommon on a
Saturday night to experience times in worship when you will touch, taste, and create
to help merge God's Word into your everyday life.   Water, dirt, stones, play-doh,
grapes, mirrors, donuts, etc. are  just some of the elements that you might
experience during a typical worship service at Merge.

Experience worship that gives God's Word away...literally!  At Merge you'll find
copies of the Bible laying around on the café tables that are free for the taking.  If
you need a Bible, take one.  Consider it our gift to you!
Worship at Merge will be ancient-future.  Sure, worship will be contemporary,
utilizing multi-media and the best of today's God songs, but it will also feature
elements that are very ancient as well.  After all, our Living Faith heritage has roots
that are over 2,000 years old.  Expect to experience once and awhile a sampling of
the best hymns and praise songs of old, but in new ways.  Central rituals of the
ancient and global church such as Baptism, the Lord's Supper, the laying on of
hands and special seasonal rituals like Ash Wednesday and Christmas Eve candle
light services will be central in our worship times together.  
Our purpose: "... to honor God with our lives."
Take a moment to worship right now!
© 2010  - Merge: a Living Faith Christian Community.  All rights reserved.